The region became acquaintance from the existence of the well received venetian castle. The construction of the fortress began in 1371 by the Venetians to protect the region from the piratical raids. The castle was completed in 1374 and the Venetians named it Castle of Saint Nikita, from the church that is found near this. The local called it Frangokastello, the fortress of Francs, Castel Franco or Franco Castello.

In May 1828 one by the most intense battles of Greek Revolution took place in this castle, ending with the sacrifice of chieftain Chatzimichali Daliani, who died with his men in the bastions of the castle. After this heroic and unequal battle with the Turks, Frangokastello passed in history and became a legend!

According to this, each year on 18 May (anniversary of battle) the “Drosoulites” starts from the old monastery of Saint Charalampous. With the first daylight the shades of the Dalianis warriors appears with their weapons at the castle. This shades are moving in the bastions of the castle and later, slow, ritual, they come out and they are directed to the sea, where they disappear.